Welcome to Infinity Radio

We are the station that reaches out to you with infinite music, infinite fun, and no stupid, annoying drama. Our station has a variety of music, not only during live programming, but also in our automation, which we call Infinity's Choice. We do not play some stuff that we used to, but we definitely play the large majority.

We are affiliated with Stream Licensing, Inc., so therefore our tunein link does not originate on this domain. We have tried to make it convenient though, and hope you, the listener, will find it so.
You can tune in with a variety of media players and radio software for your device of choice. If your media player doesn't register for any reason with any of these playlists please contact management. Also we are happy to take requests, for live programming as well as Infinity's Choice. Our system is not as flexible as it used to be, but please fill out our request form and we will be happy to play your requests.If you are sending the requests for Infinity's Choice programming, management will put those requests in the queue and tell the person who requested the selection that it is up next if there is a way to contact that person.

You might also want to check out our schedule as it is a great way to know who is on any given day of the week. We also have a Twitter feed and you can follow us by following @infinityradio1. Most of our dj's have other methods by which they may prefer you to use as well.

You might be asking by this time, "How can I become a DJ at this station?" You will want to review our service agreement and if you have discerned that you are able and willing to follow our rules, fill out the Dj Application Management should get in touch with you in less than 48 hours, possibly in an informal manner, and the information letter will follow. If you have been rejected for any reason, we will send you a letter as to why and what you can do to rectify the situation. Once you have been accepted as a broadcaster, you will be placed on the schedule.

And lastly, please contact us about what you'd like to see on Infinity Radio. If we don't have information from you, the listeners, about what we're doing wrong or what we're doing right, whatever the case may be, we might as well be broadcasting to ourselves, and I don't think we want to do that. Finally, if you have questions about the tunein links, or why some bit of coding on the page isn't doing what it's supposed to, or any other broken that management can fix, we would appreciate an email explaining what seems to be happening. Also you can send us a mention on our Twitter too, and it will be gotten to as quick as possible since the Twitter is check multiple times daily, just as the email is.

And finally for some last announcements. We are a nonprofit, privately-owned station dedicated to bringing you the best in programming. Secondly, our site receives services from the following:

We hope you enjoy the programming we provide on Infinity Radio and also hope that you'll stay a loyal listener. We know you want quality programming, and we, stive to provide this.

This site was last updated on March 26, 2014.